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Nascar returns

NASCAR returns after a long hiatus. With everything being thrown into turmoil this year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic all industries have been affected to some extent. Motor racing has been no different. With no events, no audiences and no revenue organisers have struggled to find a way to ensure there is a future in place when everything goes back to normal.

As news developed of the spread of the virus scheduled events quickly were pushed on, cancelled or postponed day by day throwing the organisation of events into confusion and chaos.

After two months of no races, the eventual relief when organisers were given the green light was felt by racing teams and fans alike.

It wasn’t easy however and almost everything had to change. Increased security, long lines and new protocols were all something that people had to get used to as racing returned.

With everyone pulling together to make it a success it has been a testament to the organisation and passion of everyone involved that things have run so smoothly. It was in fact the first professional sports league to return after the initial 2-month hiatus.

With mandated masks and screenings to stop the spread of the virus, the safety of all participants and fans was an absolute priority for NASCAR. With strict rules and firm repercussions for those who don’t obey them it is clear they take it seriously. In fact, there is a 50-page handbook dedicated to the protocols and procedures to help control the spread of the virus. Not that it has run entirely smoothly however as there have been some high profile incidents of participants who have not followed the rules and found themselves penalised as a result. With fines of between $10,000 and $50,000, NASCAR is keen to stamp out further misconduct.

On May 17th NASCAR finally returned with a race held at Darlington Raceway. The first event in an 11-day programme. After that things progressed with 1000 people attending an event in Miami in June and 5000 spectators at Talladega Speedway.

With a minimal delay, everything considered, the season is due to finish on November 8th in Phoenix, USA.